Try out these secret menu items if you haven’t!

Well, it goes by without saying that good things don’t come by so easily. I am not sure where all this can apply, but when it comes to restaurant menus, this is so true. The reason I am saying this is that – when most restaurants advertise their best food in all possible ways, there are equally good dishes that do not come out even from the restaurants. These are called Secret Menus.

While it may not be intentional, where most of them are Custom-made, it is absolutely important for you to know that they exist. That is the objective of this article and I am here to point out some of the really amazing Secret menus that you won’t find on the Menu card.

Taco Bell:

The Enchiritos, The Meximelts, The Cheesaritos, and much more. The secret menu list is as big as the regular Menu card. And don’t worry, you can still order these at your nearest Taco Bell store and if they don’t know, you can explain how your secret menu should be. 

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While you have all been a fan of Burrito, how about a Quesadilla twist to it? Yes, the Burritodilla is the hybrid of Burrito and Quesadilla where you can fold the burrito like a Quesadilla and still have double fun.

Apart from these innovative dishes, you can also mix and match however you want from the available ingredients and be a creator of your own.


Frito Pie is my personal favorite – where you will have the Nachos but with Fritos. But what does it taste like? Mouthwatering. If you want to try it, just ask for a Nachos but with Fritos at the counter and you can add some melted cheese and chili. Thank me later!

Noodles & Company:

With Noodles and Company, the restaurant makes a new dish and lets it remain hidden for a few days or weeks before officially taking it to the menu card. This is a nice strategy, so you will always have something new on the cards. The Three-Cheese Tortellini Rosa with caramelized Onion and Garlic or the Roasted Garlic Cream Tortelloni with Caramelized Onions and Garlic is something you will have to try today.

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There are more secret menus hidden in several other restaurants, all it takes for you is to be a little courageous and ask at the counter or make your own in your mind and ask the restaurant to make it for you. If they do, then you are in luck!